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Default Re: Should I be upset??

No none of us are pro's we all have day time jobs,but the bassist says the weekends are for his kids. Which how can ya argue with that? We even said how about 1 sat. or sun. a month just about anytime and he still said no way.

We have been getting together 1-2 times week for about 8 month's and within the last 5 months or so decided to gig out. We only have about 22 songs (classic rock stuff) and have gone through about 3 lead singers for various reasons.

each time we lost a singer it set us back a month or so so we decided to do all the singing ourselves which i am not totally convinced sounds good but others who have heard us say it's not bad.. whatever that means.

Anyway I am still very much learning drums so I am gonna just keep going with these guys and see how it goes. In the meantime I have been thinking about auditioning for a band or 2 on craigslist. I have never done it and I would like to see how others who don't know me feel about my drumming.
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