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Default Re: Should I be upset??

I may be way wrong,but it sounds like a bunch of guys who like to play,but are not willing to "Give" an inch to do it.

I dont want to start a conspiracy,because a band can be hard to get formed altogether,but you have a bass player,who wont play on weekends?
Thats not good.

Kinda like having a restaurant,that is only open monday through thursday.

also,if you cant practice at your pad anymore,and your also not willing to tear down the kit and jam elsewhere on monday...then to me it sounds like you guys have two musicians who dont really want to do it all that badly.

Maybe you just need to step back,and decide if you need a break,or get to tearing that set down,and also get to talking to that bass player about the importance of playing weekends,or get to finding someone who will.

The rest of the guys will get together with or without you,simply to continue getting tight.So dont take that too hard.if anything,take that time,to decide if your in it all the way or not.
Drummer in my old band,had to tear down a 10 piece set twice a week,and drive it out to a barn where we practiced,and you couldnt drive in,it was pretty well blocked with other stuff,so hed carry it all like 110 feet from his truck.
Just saying,if youre into it,youd walk the drums across town to do it.So maybe ya just need a little break.

Either way,good luck!!
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