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Originally Posted by dandon View Post
Hello all was just woundering if you would be able to help me out with a few questions that i have.

i am looking at buying a Ludwig snare drum, and now i have narrowed my options down to a New 14x5 Black Beauty, and also a vintage 1960's Ludwig 402 14x6.5 classic lug.

my first question is how much should i expect to pay for the vintage 402 snare which is in good condition in english pounds please thanks?

also i was wondering if there are any differences in the sound between a vintage 402 and a new one because i was told that the hardware is now made in china and gives it a different sound ?

and finally what would you buy out of the two the new blackbeauty or the vintage 402 ? thanks a lot would really appreciate a response

Hey mate......good choices!

Can't help you with cost. But I'll chime in on the others.

As for the diff b/n new and old supras....many may argue, but personally I can't hear any real difference between the my ear they all sound like supras. If one does indeed exist, then I don't believe there is any fundamental change in least nothing that would stop me buying a new one at the right price.

As for which to choose first. Personally I'd go with the supra. The 402 was always my 'go to' snare. It's versatility is huge and it fits right in to pretty much any playing situation. That said, I own both and I'll chop and change at will......but as a first off choice, I recommend the 402........all the while saving your pennies for the BB!!

LATE EDIT: You may also want to consider re-posting this in the Drum Gear section....more people will see it and it'll improve your chances of getting a response.

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