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Default Re: Should I be upset??

What about playing in your basement every second, third or fourth Monday? The more you play at your place, the less lugging you need to do. DSCRAPRE's suggestion about downsizing the kit when practising elsewhere seems like a sensible compromise.

Also, bands can get a fair bit done without a drummer. They can turn up next time there's a full practice with their lines worked out better because they can hear themselves more clearly without us.

No offence, nhzoso, but your bassist sounds like a liability. He can't play on weekends, has an attitude, and is weak enough to be threatened by a noob bassist (you).

On the basis of what you've said it would seem that upgrading in the bass dept would solve a number of probs all at once. Not good when there's bad vibes between bass and drums since that's supposed to be a musical marriage. Of course, personal dynamics in the band might preclude that option at the moment but that's how it looks to an outsider.
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