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Default Re: Should I be upset??

No... you should not be upset, but I can easily see why you might be. As a drummer, it can be very convenient to have the band come to your house. Your drums are set up, they bring their guitars, plug in, and hit the switch to turn on. Its not as easy to move your set from here to there and back to here- just to do it again next week.

It seems they havent considered how much is involved when you practice at 2 different places but still want to keep a 2-day a week schedule... You cant be upset at that.

The bassist needs to give a little, as far as commitment.... but so should you. If you want to keep it rolling, you gotta work through these inconveniences..... I wouldnt go doing anything like blowing em off and taking it as personal as you may have. If it works out- be thankful that it does... but this is definitely no reason to be negative towards the band....
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