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Originally Posted by Mr. Pasquini View Post
I really wanted this to be a great movie, but this will not be one I put in my collection. Beautiful movie, but beautiful is all it is. You can't love a person just for how they look.
You've hit upon an endless frustration I have with James Cameron's movies. The thing is, Cameron is a master at directing highly ambitious movies that are huge in scope and monumentally challenging on a technical level. This is something that probably few people are capable of, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for his work on that level. However, as a screenwriter, I think Cameron is mediocre at best, and this is where his movies routinely fall short for me. This is not to say he doesn't think of good stories. He does. But developing story concepts and the actual nuts and bolts of writing a good screenplay are two different things. The latter takes a more exceptional talent for writing which I don't think he possesses. I think a guy like Cameron is probably convinced he can do it all, and who would argue with him, given his success? Consequently, he has been the sole writer on his more recent movies. Big mistake, imo. If he would only delegate the screenwriting duties to more talented writers, I think his movies would truly be masterpieces.
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