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Without reading any other posts:

This movie sucked. They managed to spend $500,000,000 on another star wars film.

Plot: Predictable, Childish, Boring, lacking of anything truly out of the box.
Action Sequences: Cool, but nothing new there.
Visuals: Stunning, Granted. Get over it, that's not what makes a movie
Acting: Sub Par. I can't appreciate CGI acting like that, it just kinda turned me off.

As a special effects piece, yea, great. I feel like I wasted $13 at the theater. $5 movie night would have been more appropriate. I feel very alone in this sentiment, my friends think I'm just being rude but the truth is the movie really disappointed me.

I spent almost 3 hours of my life watching an adult version of "Fern Gully."

I really wanted this to be a great movie, but this will not be one I put in my collection. Beautiful movie, but beautiful is all it is. You can't love a person just for how they look.
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