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Default Should I be upset??

My band usually practices in my basement mon and thurs nights for about 3 hours after a long day of work. Me and the Lead have been wanting to get off of mon nights because it's too tiring. Probelm is the Bassist cannot do tues nights and the rhythm cannot do wed nights and no one want to do friday night (except me) The Bassist also cannot do any time on any weekend?

My wife also would rather we do not do mon. nights and she has been great in not complaining when we do it now but she mentioned it to me.

So last week after practice I said we cannot do anymore mondays at my place, of course we could not come up with a 2nd day to get together so without batting an eye the other 3 guys start planning a time to get together on monday nights at the leads house? Of course I am not gonna tear my kit down and go over his house every monday but I am kinda pissed that they did that. Almost like they just have me in the band because I have a good place to practice.

Should I be upset here or what? I almost felt like telling them to grab their stuff and not come back but I bit my tongue and am trying to give myself time to think about it.

We are all kind of upset that the bassist can't do a friggin weekend day once a month for 3-4 hours, I mean how does he expect to play out which is our goal, he says he will make exceptions for gigs but I don't know if I believe that fully. We are supposed to play an open mic on the 14th, maybe we will see how that goes.

Also I bought a beater bass guitar to noodle around with, I know nothing of it yet but the bassist seemed kinda put off by it or threatened, when I said well what other day can you do he said none but monday, and then said if you guys want to get together I guess you could play the bass?? WTF. I think I am more upset with the fact that I let it all go without saying anything (which is unlike me). Maybe I will bring it up this thursday. Any thoughts am I wrong here?
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