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Default Re: Touring for no money

Originally Posted by jer View Post
Interesting, opposing points of view here.

I've lost a months wages being on my current tour and won't see any profit on the other side, but did just have a month long vacation on the other side of the world and pretty much had the time of my life, all expenses except food (when we didn't get it worked into the deal), and booze (when we didn't get it worked into the deal) were covered. Well worth in in my opinion, but like other have said, depends where you are in life, wife and kids might not think it's as fun, but a 20 y/o with nothing but time could really benefit from the experience.
Many of us would do that if it was our band, and working toward something (i.e. future record sales, opportunities to tour better venues, recognition, etc..)

It's something else when you're just a temp helping the rest of the band work toward something.

If the band's tour is successful at the getting them to sell X number of albums and X number of t-shirts and gain x number of fans, that all helps the band (even if it's just helping pay down some debt), but the temp gets no benefit, other than say he was there.

But yeah, the early 20-something version of me would have still considered it.
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