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Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
Is there are DIY way of making a chain driven pedal into a direct drive pedal.

I have a Tama Iron Cobra Jnr., wondering if it's possible?
It is possible (this is not my pedal):

You will need custom parts machined on a CNC or something though.

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
What about independent beater adjustment?

My pedal doesn't have that, and yesterday I tried out a friend's Sonor double pedals (with indepedent beater adjustment) and they felt great, I'm guessing because the beater angle in relation to the cam was different.

I wonder if there is a way to separate the beater clamp from the cam and if I can adjust it (I know it's fixed), the left beater can be adjusted independently of the left cam but I'm realy pissed off about the right cam because that is what is used the most.
It'd take some machining too as far as I can see. You'd have to grind down the beater holder part of the cam and replace it with a standard Iron Cobra beater holder.
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