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real name? Chris Hunt
age? 14
how long been playing? 8 years
origin of user name? My initials
top 5 drummers? Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Horacio Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Ian West (my teacher)

make of drumkit? Mapex
make of cymbal? Zildjian & Sabian
where do you practice? My Bedroom
are you in a band/s? Yes one semi-famous jazz band going on tour in germany in a few weeks and a metal band wi my mates

covers or originals? jazz band does covers of duke ellington, miles davis, etc. metal band does some covers some originals (I write our songs lol)

what style of music? Jazz & Metal
favourite take out food? Chinese
country? UK
one really odd fact about yourself? i still watch sooty
how did you start drumming? a drum teacher came into my class when i was 6 or 7 and said he was looking for volunteers to learn drums and i was chosen......havent stopped since, now have a very nice 7 piece 7 cymbal Mapex V-series fusion :D

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