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Default Re: Touring for no money

Originally Posted by jer View Post
Interesting, opposing points of view here.

I've lost a months wages being on my current tour and won't see any profit on the other side, but did just have a month long vacation on the other side of the world and pretty much had the time of my life, all expenses except food (when we didn't get it worked into the deal), and booze (when we didn't get it worked into the deal) were covered. Well worth in in my opinion, but like other have said, depends where you are in life, wife and kids might not think it's as fun, but a 20 y/o with nothing but time could really benefit from the experience.
Yes, looking at your NZ tour thread you obviously had a great time. We don't get paid for holidays and since we love playing music so a musical holiday doesn't sound so painful to me, as long as it's fairly well organised.

A young person without spouse, kids or serious work could have a whale of a time. For someone like that maybe exposure is not so much the lure of a tour like that so much as experience.
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