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Yes! I am so glad we finally have a Matt Abts thread! I have seen Gov't Mule twice and each time I find my self watching Abts for about the whole show, once from the front row too! Matt Abts I would have to say is my personal favorite drummer. He really give the Mule such a unbeleivable groove, and he always plays for the song, not himself, which I find super cool. He does the neatest fills too, his work on "Sco-Mule" is definatly one of my favorites too. Other good ones are "Sin's A Good Mans Brother", "Thorazine Shuffle", "Game Face", "No Need To Suffer", just about every Mule song is great in my opinion! I really like how well he plays off of other musicians too, if Warren or Andy (bass player) play something that catches his attention he always answers back and they build off of it. He's just too good!


I Can't belive I forgot to mention that at my first Mule show I got a drum head afterwards. It is one of my most prized possessions. The second time I saw them one of his drum sticks bounced out of my hand when they threw it into the crowed, it landed on the otherside of a fence and the jerk bouncer through it back towards the close!

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