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Default Band needs a place to stay in California...

My son Taylor, the drummer in the band "Come On Go With Us" (, and the rest of the band will be in California from Feb 2 to the 11th. If anyone one of you guys in the area of Long Beach, Hunington Beach, LA, and San Fran can help out, please give me a call. They are a great group of guys, all college grads and just love music but need places to stay after their gig. I can send you a free cd if you just send me a pm. They have sleeping bags, all they need is shelter. They have stayed with me several times on their southern tour.

Please call Robert at 251.421.0778

Here is their schedule:
THE ROGUE BAR Scottsdale, Arizona
Jan 30 2010 10:00P
Jan 31 2010 10:00P
THE BLUE CAFE Huntington Beach, California
Feb 3 2010 12:00P
THE VIPER ROOM Los Angeles, California
Feb 4 2010 10:00P
ALEX’S BAR Long Beach, California
Feb 6 2010 10:00P
Feb 8 2010 10:00P
OLD IRONSIDES Sacramento, California
Feb 9 2010 10:00P
BLONDIE’S San Francisco, California
Feb 11 2010 10:00P
THE DOWNTOWN EATERY Redding, California
Feb 12 2010 8:00P
JOHNNY B’S Medford, Oregon
Feb 15 2010 10:00P
THE SPACE Salem, Oregon
Feb 17 2010 10:00P
Feb 21 2010 10:00P
JEWELBOX THEATER Seattle, Washington
Feb 23 2010 10:00P
RAY’S GOLDEN LION Richland, Washington
Apr 9 2010 10:00P