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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Yet another newbie here! You guys are probably tired of these newbies, but again, we all must start somewhere. Not all of us are as gifted, so must work even harder...
I started out at the ripe old age of 50. Typical story; as a child, my parents would NOT ALLOW drums as a musical endeavor...Fast forward...In 2002, I bought a really cheap kit off eBay for $249.95 including the freight! I tried to start "self-teaching", playing along with recorded music. I guess we all know where that takes us. Lost the enthusiasm, so the kit sat in the garage rafters for the next 7 years. Then, I met some people that liked to mess around, and broiught the kit out and started to play along with this other drummer. Another fast forward; kept on at it and started to sound "OK" to me. I had a Hot Tub that I never used, and decided to post it on Craig's List for a trade. Got a nice bite from someone that had this 6-piece Premier kit in Gold Sparkle. Has the medallion that is hard to read, but states: "Maple Model (top); Hand (UK flag) Built (bottom)". Barely used kit with the Paiste Cymbals.
If anyone knows anything about this kit/age, etc. I would appreciate the information. The kit sounds awesome too!
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