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Default Re: Touring for no money

I've always been paid to tour. For the amount of suffering we go through to be on the road for 6 weeks, I gotta get paid. I can stay home and practice for free and have a fine time! So, to get me out of town, a band has to at least replace my normal weekly income.

This is why I do not join bands anymore. I've done tours where I was the only one to make any money, while the "real" band members didn't see a dime.

I love to tour, but I won't pay to do it, or do it for free. I'd be better off just booking a vacation, renting a car and hitting up jam nights in differnt towns than doing a van/club/floor tour for no money.

But that's just me! I'm old and jaded now!!! Some kid out there is gonna have a great time, so more power too him!

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