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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

What does extension spring mean?

It means just that, it extends and contracts. Czarcie Kopyto is extension spring.

Trick and Speed King have the spring compressed in the shaft right?

Speed King's springs get compressed inside the pedal posts, TRICK has a different action happening- one small coil working horizontally (see second pic of this post). Still in the post, still gets compressed, but 'different'.

Why is one better than the other?

Its all feel, so one decides which spring is best for them. When I say "better than TRICK" Im referring to the fact Czarcie Kopyto has heel hinge bearings where TRICK chose to employ a steel pin rubbing on aluminum.

All springs on production drum pedals are 'coil springs' (except PDP BOA). We can assume Ian meant to say "extention" rather than "vertical" and "compression" rather than "coil".

Czarcie Kopyto has all the adjustments TRICK has, except for the 'slide track hoop adjustment'. Kopyto could have made (what TRICK calls) the 'stroke adjustment cluster' infinite adjust, but they chose three hole positions like TRICK and TRICK might have a slight-edge in the 'dynamic' their stroke adjustment cluster delivers to the throw.

These two pedals are genetically related (almost twins), so Its all going to come down to price. In the end, if Czarcie Kopyto is cheaper its a no brainer.

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