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im not trying to say jon theodore can hang with guys like chambers and donati when it comes to pure, unadultered technique. he can't. no one, except a select few in the world, can.

what i'm saying is that jon thedore can apply the huge amount of chops he does have in a much more creative and artistic way than the above players. and, to me, thats the sign of a true musician.

chambers and donati have shown that, with the right gene pool and years upon years of practice, things people never though possible or even dreamed possible in terms of power, speed, and complexity could be acieved on the drum set. but their technique doesn't make them musicians, anymore than a guitar player being able to shred like malmsteen makes him a musician.

i feel like these guys somewhat miss the big point...namely that they are or should be developing these chops for a musical purpose. not that playing drum clinics or festivals frequently is inherently un-musical, or that even possessing so much ability is wrong. but their use of it to me strikes of an obsession with getting technically better while not necessarily being able to apply technique in a musical fashion. much of their work seems bent on limits of how complex can the groove be or how many notes can fit in a measure.

that is not to suggest that guys who playing minimalistically are somehow wiser or better musicians either. there is a time and place for playing at both ends of the spectrum. i like drummers who can do both, and play even the most complex things in ways that serve the music by creating parts that are both conducive to everything else going on around them and interesting/cool by themselves.

haha sorry for typing so much its late and im rambling.
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