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Default Re: iPad; Your thoughts about it

Originally Posted by rogue_drummer View Post
One of the big drawbacks I see is no external USB port for a hard drive. To get anything put on the iPad you have to go to the wireless Apple App store. If you want something put on your computer that is not at the Apple App store, you can't load it on, or you can if it's formated to move over a wireless network and email it. Pity. Maybe next model? Yeah, the Maxi iPad!!
Seriously? No USB? How do you connect peripherals to it? Like say a midi controller. Some other kind of proprietary connection that you'll always need an adapter for? Firewire?

Originally Posted by Tropellor View Post
I can't believe you can't Multitask on it!! So you can only have one program open at a time? Ridiculous.
And again, really? What year is this?
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