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Default Re: iPad; Your thoughts about it

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I feel the same way as many of you.
The iPad is kind of in between an iphone and a MacBook.
I don't think that I will buy one because I already have a 3G phone and a MacBook computer.
My MacBook can do everything that the iPad can do. My MacBook is not bulky. I bring it everywhere that I go and I use it everyday. I like the flip up screen and the keyboard on my MacBook better than I would like the Pad screen and touch keyboard on the iPad.
I can use my MacBook while laying down on my favorite leather couch while watching TV after a hard days work. The iPad will be difficult to use that way.
I check emails and surf the web on my LG Dare phone during the day while I am at work. My phone is also my navigation device when I drive. My phone can access files from my sleeping computer when I need them. I text and email from my phone.
If I want to read or watch a movie during lunch I break out my MacBook.
I don't think that I really have a need for the iPad.
I think this is one of those times when it would be better to wait until better versions come out.
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