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Default Re: Touring for no money

I've just been through this with my band because I turned down a few gigs at "prestigious" clubs because of the lack of remuneration. My attitude was that if a club can't pay a band something even for the expense of band, gas, time, dinner, rehearsal . .then let's focus on clubs that will pay us. It just seems like a big take from my point of view, and maybe I'm just too old and too been there done that for it.

That is the nature of the music business. Big name acts charge these small acts to open for them. And most local acts would do it for free if it meant opening Madison Square Garden or The Filmore East here in NYC. Who wouldn't? There is a price for exposure and it is a very high price.

As far as the gig. If I were 20, I would do it. It's exposure. It's experience, and who knows what and who you will meet on the tour. If you're a good drummer, you could end up with the opening act. My friend toured with a big name act for years because he was the opener and became their keyboardist after the keyboardist left.
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