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Default Re: Touring for no money

Originally Posted by rogue_drummer View Post
We just turned down a "batle of the bands". It was a scam by the promotion company. They sent us 100 preprinted tickets to sell, with our band's name on them, printed up real nice. Tickets were $8.00 for the show that included 8 - 10 bands. Each band played only 1/2 hour. The idea was for each band to sell as many tickets as they can, with the band selling the most tickets has the most fans there, and the audience voted on the bands they liked. The band with the most votes wins. So it's a popularity contest.

The kicker was that no matter how many tickets a band sells, it all goes to the promotor. Hence if a band sells 100 tickets for $8.00 thats $800 for the promotor, and none to the band doing all the advertising, leg work selling tickets, etc. Grand prize was $500 with some "free" studio time, which was donated by a local studio.

I can't write here what our members said after we found that out. There are kids on this forum, but needless to say, we sent all the tickets and information back to the promotor with "Thanks but NO THANKS"!
That same scam happened here not too long ago. We played at it and were only allowed to do 2 songs, (we were told 30 minutes, and found out it was only 2 songs day of show) and had to give a full accounting of our sold and unsold tickets before we were allowed to play.

One band was so mad about how the thing shaped up day of show that they basically left with a big finger to the organizers. Then, they showed up about an hour later with all their gear set up on the back of a flat bed with a generator, lights - the whole works, and played their whole set out in the parking lot. The venue practically emptied when everone stepped outside to see this band getting back at the scammers. That was pretty friggin' sweet!
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