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Default Re: iPad; Your thoughts about it

I watched the entire 1:32:00 presentation and speaking as one who has too many Apple gadgets now, this one I have no interest in. At face value for what it does the pricing is good, but I already have an iPhone and although smaller, it will do everything the iPad will do. In order to use it out side of the house you would need to find a WiFi hotspot or pay AT & T for monthly 3G service which I have on my phone. I would like to see them put the iPad on the same account as the iPhone at a second phone rate of maybe 9.99 per month. It has no camera, no phone, only one speaker that I could see so no stereo sounds even with great HD video. I was a bit disappointed but for 500.00 I'm sure they will sell a lot of the base model. Some called it an overprices digital picture frame.

And Larry you are close. The next bigger model will be called the Max-iPad. Cheers.
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