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Default Re: Touring for no money


I was just about to post about how I would do it if I could, something about me being able to play my drums every night 'ticking a box in my CV of life' etc etc....

Then I thought about it and what's the point of doing it if basically lowers me down to a throw away conveniance. I work hard at playing the drums, I hold down a job partly so I can afford lessons/sticks/heads and so on. I spend hours in front of practice pad drumkit trying to better my abilities, when I could actually be spending that time with my g/f or friends or just having 'me time', I have a passion for playing the drums but I'm afraid that passion has limits.

I couldn't justify taking all that time out to play someone elses drum parts in someone elses band with people I don't know, just for a pat on the back and their definition of 'exposure'
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