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Default Re: Touring for no money

I've done plenty of tours with no money in the end. It's really not that uncommon, but if the tour pays for itself you are basically getting a free vacation. I've played in 47 states as a result, had alot of fun and seen alot of cool stuff.

The worst day on the road is still better than the best day at the office.

I think at least these guys are being honest about the situation. Most of the time you get in a band and get all excited that your going to "make it" or "blow up".

It is still really hard to make a living on the road for anybody now. I'm doing a one week tour in Ireland this year, and I'll be happy if I break even. So far all the US tours i'm looking at this year are going to make some money, but they are basically going to be kept in the black by festivals and high paying civic gigs with club gigs in between.

Last year I did 4 tours, and they were "learning" experiences. The most profitable ones were the shorter regional tours 1-2 weeks long. I guess the key to making money was cutting our expenses down. Less hotels, ditching the trailer, less star bucks, more efficient scheduling. I'm not worried about it all though because we sold a ton of cd s, and laid a lot of groundwork for this year. We are going to drop a new cd and it will be a "return" on the investment.
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