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Default Re: Do you know a competetive Musician?

yea I played in a metal band when I was younger,and it didnt attract much of a following.You know,we had that 25-30 kids that followed us religiously,but other than that,since we played all original material,most people around here,just kind of looked down on us,for being so heavy.
It was a good time,but the problem was,you mostly only attracted other musicians to your shows,who were out checking out the competition.So your audience would all have their arms crossed stiffly.Aside from the people that followed you,wed be lucky to get as much as a "woohoo!!"

I cant imagine its that hard core in all areas of music.Metal has that attitude,mixed with the competitive types in that genre,and you were basically just playing for a bunch of Simon Cowell types.
But yea,we were playing places,that all the bands hung out at,so it was brutal.These bands were great,and would just blow you away,we werent bad either,but you could hear a pin drop between tunes.
Very hard to stay motivated,when you get this huge vibe of "Im not impressed"

The metal scene has greatly improved since,and id even consider getting back into it,but it absolutely made it hard to stick with it,with the super hard to impress musician as a fan base.
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