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Default Re: Do you know a competetive Musician?

I'm a little competitive because I'm a little territorial...I wanna be a first call guy for the guys in the "scene" that I am a part of. I can't help it, I wanna be the drummer of

preference. Again, I'll let you know when that happens ha ha....When I was a young 20 something musician, there was a drummer that I got a real competitive vibe from. We both

auditioned for and got passed over for a local name act, (the guy who played the simplist stuff got the gig) hung around the same music scene at the time and would always

be "that" know the one between me and the drumset ha ha....We were playing double drumsets together at an relaxed jam type outdoor annual boogie down party, once,

and after a song he said, hey Larry, wanna switch drumsets? Stupid me said duh OK and here his BD head had just ripped. Son of a...I'll never forget that.
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