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Default Re: Do you know a competetive Musician?

We use a saying where I live....."tough in cars". Denotes those types of idiots that yell and call out obscenities as they drive by in the car, but haven't the balls to stick around and account for themselves if confronted. The youtube 'flamers' are not much better. Very easy to criticise via the anonimity of an internet username. I'm actually not convinced that those delivering lines such as "you suck" or "your technique is horrible" etc, actually play themselves.

Any turkey can be a critic, but few could deliver the goods if called upon themselves. If you're good enough to flame, then provide some helpful advice I say! "Your playing sucks" DOES NOT cut it and is not the choice of words that anyone with anything constructive or meaningful would say

An idiot is best left ignored.
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