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Default Re: Touring for no money

Man, it's hard enough just getting decent gigs in my hometown and making some money, much less touring. You have to wonder how much "successful" bands make touring and promoting an album or CD. With the way the economy is right now, if my band got signed and got an advance, I'd put that into a savings account and use it for the day I have to cough up the dough to payback my advance because the CD sales or tour profits didn't.

But if I were in my early twenties or late, late teens and saw this, I'd want to do it since I had no commitments at home and could afford to sleep in an RV for room and board.

Someone once said of a touring band member in a Country and Western band when they were dangling the carrot in front of him: "You may not make much money, but you'll get more women than Frank Sinatra".
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