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Default Re: Do you know a competetive Musician?

That angry, competitive attitude is precisely why I got out of music and drumming all together years ago.

I couldn't stand the people abusing good musicians and drummers. If a better drummer came along, those angry competitive people were the first to bully, harrass, talk negatively about, and generally be distuptive and rude to whomever was the better musician, even by an inch or so. And it was this way even in church and at parties! If someone was behind the kit, some punks would come up and start bashing the drummer, saying trash like "so you think you're tough or something?", and "you ain't nothing", and "my friend is a hell of a lot better than YOU are".

You know, general BS that does nothing but hurt others and make the one who said it feel macho and tough by bashing someone else in order to stroke their own worthless ego and self esteme.

Years ago I was at a pub with a lady friend and we ran into one of these guys we both knew from school. And he was still the same way! Bashing several drummers we both remembered, still saying how HE was the better drummer, etc. My friend, barely out of earshot of this dude, turned to me and loudly said what a &^*&^%$#% child he was and he'll never grow up.

Now with Facebook and MySpace and all the other online social networks, I run into him occasionally and he's STILL acting this way. And he has children of his own. I just have to wonder what his kids will grow up to be like.
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