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Default Re: Touring for no money

RV'd, fed, boozed, lots of playing experience.... shoot, sounds a lot better than my first tour. We were sitting on each others laps cramped in a tiny van with all our equipment, sleeping on strangers' floors or in our little van (in shifts). We paid for gas and food out-of-pocket since we didn't make enough at our shows for that stuff. Plus, we burned through all our day job vacations for the year to do it.

It was a blast, but mostly because we were all on the same team and suffering together.

The thing about this that doesn't sound fun is that coming into this, you're not on the same team. Drummer will be in the employment of the rest of the band. If there's any money at all to be made, it should be shared somewhat equitably. We'll see if anyone takes them up on it - I hope no one does. They sound like chumps.

They're looking for a drummer to help them stay afloat, but they don't have the decency to show any appreciation to that drummer.
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