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Default Re: Touring for no money

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
The problem is if people do it for free, it hurts the entire drumming community, and cheapens what we do. No machine can replicate a live drummer. If they want a real rock

and roll show, a drummers services shouldn't be given away. I know that is not what is really going to happen, there will be takers for sure, and it could turn into something else f

or that person, but still, would you work your day job for free? Musicians have been slowly and steadily digging themselves into this hole because too many are willing to work for

free. WE SHOULD NOT LET ANYONE TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!!!! It hurts the whole sector.


I agree the experience and exposure would be great. I admit if I were in a different spot in life, I might even take it just so I can say I was there.

But it does send a message that drummers are just expendable commodities.

I'd get if they said pay will be ridiculous low. I get that if there was pay, it would never been enough to actually make rent for anyone's place back home. But to not even offer $50 a show or even just $100 a week is kind of odd.

The tour is to support album and t-shirt sales. If the tour is successful in boosting sales to help the band a name in the business, why should only the core members of the band get a cut?
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