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Default Re: Touring for no money

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Musicians have been slowly and steadily digging themselves into this hole because too many are willing to work for free.
This is true, and it hurts. However, if you are serious about reaching that next level, there is just too much competition around to sit back and let someone else take the shot. How many rock bands are there in MySpace? How many people are doing what *tunderhill* mentions in his post? Music business is simply not what it used to be. If any artist wants to "make it", everyone in the business expects him/her/them to be willing to get out there and hurt for a while trying to get things moving on his/her/their own. If you're not willing to do it, there is surely someone out there who wants it badder and will take a bite out of it.

Dig this statement from and INDIE label out in the New England area:
Lastly, we're gonna be honest here, we are looking for HARD WORKING bands, if we get your demo in the mail and we have never even HEARD of you, it is going to take more than a slick package to persuade us. We are extremely in tune to the hardcore/metal/rock/punk scene, we KNOW what is going on and what bands are out there playing all the time. Before you send us a CD to check out, try and get out on the road and bust your ass first, this is what we are looking for in a band. You need to be working just as hard as us, if not harder, and we work 20 hour days, so get crackin!

Whoever considers these premises unfair should get out while they can and cut their losses. I've had my band for 15 years, and I think we are GOOD. However, I cannot make my dream matter more to me than my home and my family (35, wife, two girls, mortgage, etc). I have to keep it real and stay where I'm needed most: that's home. Otherwise I would have to be ready to lose more than money and sleep...

My 2 cents...
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