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Default Re: Touring for no money

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
"they'll be touring the country from March 21st-April17th, playing 350-500 seaters..."

But still, the band must be getting paid per show, so it seems unfair that the drummer isn't offered any money.
If the opener is playing 500-seaters, I'd be surprised if they're making any money, let alone the guys in the support act!

In the old days, labels would offer tour-support to help their artists get exposure, so at least the band wasn't starving and the players could pocket some money for their time on the road (with all such advances being recupable, of course!)

It's interesting now with labels being very cautious about where they spend their money, and the young bands - many of whom rebel against the labels because they couldn't get a deal! - are left out in the cold as far as advances. I imagine they think that MySpace will pay for their tour and video. BWAHAHAHAHA

Sorry... back to topic. Yeah, there are undoubtedly drummers who'll leap at such an 'opportunity', and with two bands playing small venues, the drummer with the opener is at the bottom of the food chain. Note in the ad that it doesn't appear the fill-in drummer is also going on the summer tour. Someone's going for a ride all right, but they'll probably love it just the same.

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