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Default Re: Football v American Football

Real quick on the Rugby-A Football thing. Sports science did a compare and a rugby hit is different than a football hit due to the pads. Can't remember but I think the football hit was harder and the force of the hit was spread out more due to the pads. The rugby hit was more concentrated on one point. This was comparing open field hits I think, not the hits in American Football where the lineman are few inches from each other and collide on every play. Both are tough sports, but I think American football is the most violent sport in the world. Look at the number of deaths and the length of the average pro football career. Very short.

As for soccer vs football - Football is way better and more entertaining, although I think some of the criticisms of it are valid. Like many others mentioned, at least US Football is not filled with a bunch of ham actors diving to get yellow cards.

American football can be too complicated though. Ever try explaining it to someone who's never watched? Not too easy. Even us Yanks who have watched it all our lives are unclear on the rules sometimes. remember the "You make the call" commercials?

imo, Soccer offsides ruins the game and makes it too defensive. They barely ever even get a shot on goal. Change that somehow and get rid of the diving and you might have something.

Doesn't really matter though. Hockey is better than all of them anyway!
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