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Default Re: CZRCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

Originally Posted by konaboy View Post
I'm with you on that although he did say they were custom order so maybe that was an option someone chose.

They look o.k. nothing revolutionary and not sure how they are superior to trick or axis
Yes You can have this pedals without these stupid marks (I prefer clean footboard too)

Obviously its not better than axis or Trick. Its different. Its hand made product with CNC machines usage (is it even correct sentence in english? lol). There was official present of CZ in Poland. People who spend thier lives on drumming (mechanism stuff also) said this twin is magnificent and made with WATCH-MAKER PRECISION. Its cheaper for us to order this pedals than axis or Trick which is pretty non-available in Poland. I must have this devils' tool!. I see good opinions about CZ here:) Thanks for posting.
Best regards:)

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