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Originally Posted by tymile
as for ripping off other bands, though... dream theaters first album debuted in 1989, while rage wasnt even together until 1992. not saying that they couldnt rip off rage in their later years, but they had a lot of material by that time without even ever hearing of the band. and i have never heard anything that sounds like a tool or pantera ripoff, nor have i ever heard anyone say that before.
You've got your dates a bit wrong with RATM, IIRC their first album was out in 1991 which put them working together as a group well earlier than that.

But that's a bit beside the point. You've never heard anything that sounds like a Tool or Pantera ripoff?

Oh boy have I got an MP3 for you...

What you hear in this is:

"By Demons Be Driven" by Pantera vs "The Test That Stumped Them All" by DT
"46&2" by Tool vs "Home" by DT.
"46&2" by Tool (again!) vs "The Great Debate" by DT.

There's more, of course. The clip from "Home" is shortly followed by a fairly obvious RATM crib, etc. But this goes for a minute and a half, which seems about long enough.

Worth mentioning is that not only are these cribs very similar in terms of actual notes and phrasing, they're also very similar in their purpose and positions in the songs. "By Demons Be Driven" has the chorus riff stolen for a chorus, "Home" uses the intro bass line from 46&2 for its intro bass line, "The Great Debate" uses a strikingly similar section to the one in "46&2" for a similar purpose at a similar position structurally.
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