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Default Do you know a competetive Musician?

Was just on You Tube,checking out some drummers,and comparing some gear...and like usual,there is always that person,who calls out the poster.
You know,that guy who says.."YOU SUCK!!" then goes on to talk about how they could do that song a year ago,and what not,oblivious to the degree of anger they have achieved.

Now of course,not all competitive musicians are this far gone,but we all know at least one....and if you dont,then it may be you.

Any ideas on how someone gets that way?

I think its from being pushed into a hobby,you know,so the kid dont lay on the couch playing X-Box, they take up an instrument,because its shiny,learn a bit,but never really care about the music at all.Eventually,music is just a way to compete,maybe as revenge against that band that let them go when they were starting out,...or whatever.

I dont get it....I love talking to anyone who is even slightly interested in music.That in itself is a blessing,but once they start asking if you can sweep,and how fast you can double kick,you know it just went from music,to the Olympic tryouts.

I love just listening to people play.You Tube is amazing for that.millions of musicians,you would have never known,right here,for anyone to enjoy.So to go in and step on them,it just baffles me.
I understand wanting to be great at what you do,but to do it just to try and show up that next guy or gal?

Oh by the way....if youre that person,and didnt mean to be that person,or truly didnt realize you did that,then its most likely that someone once told you you werent very good,and now youre looking for acceptance from other musicians.Dont worry about doing that.All that does,is turns you into the person that was rotten to you,and now youll spend your life trying to one up everyone,all cus some dink was having a bad day.

Music is the Greatest Gift on Earth....and that is exactly what it is,a gift,so to be mean,to someone who is trying to share that,is pretty much,like demanding that gift be given to you in a fancier wrapper.It didnt have to be given to you at all,and to complain at all about it,just makes you look like a tool.

So Play on Good people of drummerworld! Thats my "Be Good To other Musicians" Rant

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