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Default Touring for no money

Sometimes I wonder why I'm not as involved in the music business as much as I used to, and then I come across something like this:

Wanna see the USA (and Toronto) & feel what it's like to be an up & coming rockstar? We manage a quickly rising rock band who recently released their first cd and just got off the road with Stone Temple Pilots. They'll be hitting the road with STP again this summer. In the meantime, they'll be touring the country from March 21st-April17th, playing 350-500 seaters. Their drummer can't make this trip, so we need to find a kick ass rock drummer who'd like to come aboard for this jaunt. You need to be a quick learner and able to play solidly to a click...they have backing tracks throughout the set so your timing has gotta be right on the money. Speaking of won't be getting any from this trip out. However, you will be housed in a huge RV, fed, boozed, driven across the country, and given the experience of a lifetime...hopefully, with many more to come for you.
I realize that as a little known signed band, the band is probably up to their eye balls in debt, probably hasn't seen a cent from the record company, 1/2 their record sales were lost to downloading, and the shows are barely covering the touring expenses. But still, the band must be getting paid per show, so it seems unfair that the drummer isn't offered any money.

And yet as outrageous as their offer is, I'm sure they've been flooded with young guys who have nothing to lose but would love this opportunity on their resume.
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