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First of all American Football is brutal. Even with the Pads because no other sport are there 300lb men running 4.5 speed into each other head first. So please do not think it's wimpy because of the Pads. No other sport is this brutal, including rugby.
Are you sure about rugby being less brutal? It's also big guys running into each other, but without the pads.

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I have honestly tried to watch soccer and I just don't get it and never will. Boring IMO
I'm with you there. Well I enjoy the world cup sometimes, but the Netherlands never really get anywhere (best they did in the past decade or two is a fourth position in the world cup, I believe). And I get sick of these so-called athletes falling over and pretending to be in agonising pain as soon as someone as much as touches their leg or knee.
I also believe soccer has the most violent following. Not all soccer fans are like that obviously, but some people get really violent over "losing" a game that they didn't play in and probably couldn't play in.
I once was in a train with some soccer hooligans... looked like a bunch of monkeys on red bull. Idiots...
And I once lived near a soccer stadium. My then-housemates had lived there longer and actually witnessed a riot going down there. Riot police would come in with buses (and on horses)... they saw one riot police bus accidently deliberately hit a group of hooligans. Go riot police :D

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Football ... Cheerleaders. Good stuff.
Soccer ... topless chicks that paint their upper bodies Team Colors/Country Flags. Good stuff.
Other than that, both sports are a colossal waste of money and time.
Bam! Wise words!
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