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Default Re: Band naming help!!!

Originally Posted by nicotine25 View Post
Sorry I just read you post about setteling on a band name..."This Is Treason"....I like it...But do you really want to be known as "T.I.T"....."Hey guys wanna go see some Tit tonight?".......
Yea we already knew about the TIT thing, but we like it because it's funny. Our fans will be called TIT-heads lol. We're serious about music, but as people we couldn't be more un-serious about stuff. We spend most practices just making fun of each other or going on nights out and doing pranks. You don't want to know what we did to the yank guitarist when he passed out drunk!

Think of Jimmy Eat World- JEW, or Lamb Of God- LOG. I'm sure there's more too lol!

Originally Posted by Moldy View Post
...Though I probably would've gone with "I am Legion" in your particular case.
I actually really like I am Legion but too late :(
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