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Eh, not really. I'm American, and I think some of the criticisms of American football are legit. Mainly the stopping/starting thing (there's more standing around than actual game play.) Conversely, I think world football is great...except for the dives. They need to do something about that. Seriously!
Well that says alot does'nt it, you are more likely to see an American with this thought than you are to see someone from another country with the opposite view.. Strange how that usually turns out to be the case in these type's of arguments. I like the stopping and starting although I do agree it's getting carried away the bigger the game gets the more commercials they try to throw at ya.

I still think Soccer is boring and I have tried to play it and watch it with an open mind unlike others here who just want to end their posts with LOL and talk about something they know absolutely nothing about
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