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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

I'm late to this thread too but my take is very simple. If there's a reason to use a click to do something I can't do, then I'll use one. If I can do without, then that's certainly my option of choice. I don't believe that clicks have any value live unless the act is interfacing with a benign media such as video, sequencer, etc. The push & pull of live music is the very life blood of performance to me. Essentially, if you need a click to play live, other than the above mentioned exceptions, get off the stage!!

I'm recording next week. Basic local demo studio so lacks hi tech toys (tempo pitch compensation, etc). I'm doing one track that has a number of big spaces and another that uses a very organic vocal decent as the return. I'll be blind counting those with stick cues that start & stop mid passage so as not to interfere with cymbal sustain. Making life difficult for myself? Oh yes, but I'd rather that than introduce a machine like element to a track vibe.
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