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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Well, I agree it's a bit sad how much emphasis is put on perfection these days.

I grew up listening to classic rock on the radio, and listening to The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, et all, and there isn't much room for music like that these days. Nearly every song on the radio these days is edited to death to make it sound machine perfect.
I agree 100%.

I see thresholds of imperfection and it depends on the qualities of the music. For instance, Keith Moon wasn't precise but he brought so much energy and creativity to the mix it didn't matter. Same with Mitch Mitchell. Some of Ringo's tracks wouldn't pass muster today but there were close enough to work with the music and his drum parts and feel were great.

I really enjoy that kind of rawness and imperfection, but having said that I also love super-precise music like History Repeating by The Propellorheads and Shirley Bassey and about 90% of Steely Dan's catalogue etc.

Stasz, glad you jumped in. Great post.

We could just as easily ask if it's cheating when musicians use performance enhancing drugs? The obvious answer is ... who cares if the music has something special to enjoy? Maybe their parents and friends but I, and many others, couldn't care less.

In art, the ends count more than the means. The means are only important from a health/longevity perspective and in terms of truthfulness/ethics. So Milli Vanilli's mimed performances were false advertising.

Musicians playing with clicks are different. It takes skill to play with a click so it's not a matter of musicians pretending to be better than they really are or "faking it". They are just being picky about precision and engaging in a little risk management (or playing against sequenced parts). Whatever it takes. Same with drum machines. It takes skill to compose the right beats with the right sounds and the right changes, just that it's a mental rather than physical skill.

Do office workers cheat when they have a double strength coffee in the morning to wake up? Again, whatever it takes ...

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