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Default Band naming help!!!

In a pickle!

Some of you may have noticed a recent thread of mine about me joining a band named 'Thrones'. Sadly we've discovered the bassist from 'The Melvins' has a side project named 'Thrones' (its him singing badly and playing bass too loud over a backing track - not that I'm bitter). Aparently he's been using this name since the early to mid 90's. So we've decided to nip this in the bud early rather than facing a name change once we had got going properly. We considered trying the sneaky approach of being called 'Thrones (uk)' but we decided best not to risk it!

We only discovered this yesterday. However this weekend we have a phototshoot, weekend after next we're recording demos, and in 6 weeks we start a series of gigs (one of which supporting The Chariot and iwrestledabearonce, who are reputable hardcore/metal bands, at a 500 cap venue). So the name change needs to be soon, aka tomorrow, so we can start earning/tricking fans again!

We really like the idea of a one word name like 'Architects' which is why we had 'Thrones'. I'll be honest, at first I really wasn't mad on 'Thrones' but it was the best of a bad bunch at the time, and now I love it and I'm gutted to lose it! Now in last minute panic we have two to decide from, I'm not mad on either again, but they are growing on me fast!

Name 1 - 'PLAGUES'
I thought this was too heavy sounding at first, like really heavy death metal or something, and that it wouldn't represent our image/sound properly. As the bassist said though, we will give the name meaning through our music, rather than the other way round. This is really starting to grow on me now.

Name 2 - 'LEGIONS'
I picked this one out of the two at first but now I'm not so sure. I do think it sounds cool though and it is more along the lines of 'Thrones'. Again I think it sounds more like an 80's metal band but same as above applies.

Let me know what you think soon please (come on yanks, you'll probably be the only ones awake with the time difference!). We checked they are definitely free so thats safe.

Oh and by the way, if you steal one, I will hunt you down!!!
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