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Default Re: Football v American Football

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post
The players are all padded up for one.
As mentioned before, necessary due to the size and strength of the players and the force of the impacts. Of course, you could argue that players hit harder because of the padding.

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post
The game starts and stops all the time, no consistancy.
This does bother me. Worst of all is it leaves way too much opportunity to broadcast commercials, which has made televised American football unwatchable, imo.

Originally Posted by sufc.loyal View Post
World Football "(Soccer)"

Now that is a truly world game, the world cup, really is the whole world competing for the cup.

The game is split in to 2no. 45min halfs, and it is consistanly flowing all the time.

Surporters can follow their teams or country abroad, to watch them play.

The skill level is higher.
I do enjoy watching the world cup. However, there is one aspect of world football that I find intolerable and extremely lame:

Players Faking Injuries!

Seriously now! I watch sports to see feats of athleticism, not dramatic acting performances. It looks like they are the ones that need pads, the way they carry on!

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