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Default Re: Football v American Football

When in AF (American Football) can you call a time out, and what would be the point of doing so.

I think the history of AF is back in the early 1800's your universities played Rugby, but demmed it to dangerious due to the amount of injuries that happened, so thus padded up, and called it football.

In England the Rugby is known as Rugby Football, but always shortend to Rugby for obviuius reasons.

As for Wembly being sold out, for the the game during the Autumn, yes i do remeber that, listerning to the build up a week before the game, on the sports radio.

Never seen or heard so many Yanks in one place at one time, yeee ha LOL.

Played Rugby when i was at school, got kicked square in the eye, had to be taken to hospital to have my eye popped out, so they could get behind it to clean it, funny thing was when i was down the hospital a week later to see the opticians for eye damage, i bumped into my sports teacher on crutches with a broken leg, due to playing Rugby for his Sunday team.

No we dont need pads.

Football is more skillfull as you have to attack someone to get the ball from someone, as opposed to just jumping on them, use to do that all day long as a kid in the school playground.

No football, is by far a better, more skillfull, passionate sport than AF, IMO and most others. LOL ..

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