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Hi All,
Just picked up this Ludwig "players" kit. The kick is a WFL 1959. the rack tom is a Ludwig 1960, and the floor tom is I believe a late 60's maple shell. The wrap on the floor tom doesn't match exactly, but it's not bad.
The sizes are 14x22, 9x13, 16x16 along with my 6 1/2x14 "Blacrolite" snare.
The cymbals are a 21" Zildjian Sweet ride, along with a 17" K Dark Med/Thin crash, and an 18" K Dark thin crash.
I'm using 14" Zildjian A Mastersound hats.
The heads are coated Ambassadors over clear Ambassadors on the toms, with a Remo Fiberskyn Med. on the snare (highly recommended).
The kick has a coated Emad batter.
Played with this kit on the weekend, and it sounds fabulous. Very much a vintage sound and vibe.
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Ludwig Classic Maples Oyster Black Pearl. 13/16/22
1959 WFL 13/16/22
Zildjian cymbals
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