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Default Re: Football v American Football

This should start some good arguments.

First of all American Football is brutal. Even with the Pads because no other sport are there 300lb men running 4.5 speed into each other head first. So please do not think it's wimpy because of the Pads. No other sport is this brutal, including rugby.

The game starts and stops so each side can develop a strategy, This is what makes it the greatest game on the planet IMO, you don't just have athletes running all willy nilly up and down the field for 2+hrs

Time outs+ again strategy and managing your Time outs is a big big part of it. Coaches have been fired for not using them wisely.

You don't need away team stands. Visitors fans can sit wherever they want. Which can be dangerous at times but I don't think we get as uncivilized as some other sports do.

When you live in country the size of the USA the local sports like football, baseball, etc provides a great deal of pride and support for your local team. We usually wait for the olympics for the national pride stuff.

I have honestly tried to watch soccer and I just don't get it and never will. Boring IMO
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