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Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post
My point with this movie (Avatar) is that is a real Star Wars moment (of my generation) and I just want everyone to be a part of it.
Well I've seen both but I'll be honest and fess up that my old age puts me in the Star Wars generation.Having lived through both though, I'd like to put forth that Star Wars was a much greater leap forward than Avatar and more of a landmark movie. It's just better on almost all levels.

Special effects - Judging each movie according to when they were made, Star Wars has superior and more realistic efx and didn't have to use CGI, 3D or Imax to achieve them.

Characters - The Star Wars characters are hands down more original, believable and likeable. Much easier to connect with than the wooden cookie cutter characters of Avatar. Plus Avatar doesn't have a villian anywhere near as good as Darth Vader.

Plot - Both had a general kind of good vs evil plot that we all pretty much know what will happen. I'll give a draw on this one. Although Star Wars seemed to hint at a much bigger story than what we were seeing at the time. (Who knew?)

Writing - Again Star Wars gets the nod here. Much better dialog. This is one of the things that seperates the Original Star Wars that I love so much from the Horrid newer Prequels.

Cultural Impact - Avatar has been popular for sure, but with today's short attention spans I don't think it will make the same impact that Star Wars did.

But hey, if you like Avatar then go with it. I've seen worse movies. I just think the hype machine behind Avatar has made it a bit overrated.

Star Wars is/was better.
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